Ashtanga Isn’t Everything

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Short, but good practice on the 17th. How did I pull myself out of my malaise, you ask? I tried a style other than my beloved Ashtanga. Specifically, Sunrose Yoga devi Kelly Conner’s podcast Episode 38. Great timing, nice flow. Took me out of my comfort zone.


Not the Ashtangi I Used to Be



Another rushed practice this morning. I’m too used to doing just Surya A&B and the finishing asanas during the week. Saturday seems to be the only time I can do a full practice. Maybe it has something to do with being over 40. Maybe it has something to do with Guruji‘s passing. I love yoga. It will always be part of my life. But I’m not as passionate about it as I used to be.

Naked Vegan Shakti Avatar


Namaste, All

One of the reasons I started blogging again is to spread the word about The Nude Chef. Sharon’s naked vegan philosophy is one of the reasons why I took that last step into full blown vegetarianism. The Maharani and I recently made her Breyani, Basmati rice and Banana Chutney recipe (the best thing Sharon’s ever done, IMHO). There are easier recipes to make—but none more satisfying to eat. Go to The Nude Chef now!

Back Again

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Namaste, All

Here is what I hope is the new and improved version of my blog. This time, there will be much more about The Maharani—my ex-girlfriend. We’re actually on good terms. Guys, it really is possible to have a woman as a friend. Who knew?

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