Happy New Year

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May we all take one step closer to being as humane as we are human.



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No More Nude Chef :(

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Vegan guru Sharon Picone––the former Nude Chef––is now The Natural Vegan Chef.  I like the new name better. Sharon is a vegan chef who just happens to be a naturist—not a naturist who just happens to like to cook. Actually, she’s more of a natural vegan chef and philosopher. Whatever she calls herself: her site is required reading for anyone who is serious about healthy eating..


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Has it really been this long? Yes, it has. The good news: I’ve made some money. The bad news: the contract is almost up. I’ll be looking for work again. This sucks. Anyway, the Ashtanga practice is going well. Short, but okay. More later.

A Freelancer’s Life


Ever have one of those days? This looks like its going to be one of those weeks. I’m grateful for the work, though. Anyway, managed to have a decent practice this morning. I was having some trouble with my balance in UHP. Much respect to the Yoga Warrior Princess for the solution. The Maharani and I had a discussion about Hinduism and Buddhism Sunday. Still waiting for her permission before I quote her in my blog entry about it.

Jump Back!


For some reason, all of my jump backs during this morning’s practice were dead on. Usually, I rush through and I’m a little shaky. Today, I nailed every one. I’m talking textbook (by my standards, anyway). Hey! You know if you pay attention to what you’re doing you tend to get better at it 🙂

Full Primary Series!

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Did the Full Primary Series this morning! Okay, with some minor modifications. But I got through it! Woo-Hoo!

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